Coaching is Different from Therapy

Coaching isn’t about dwelling on your mistakes—it’s an opportunity
to ignite your curiosity and accelerate your vision for your personal and professional success.

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Uncover why you’re unsatisfied and what you really want. Get reacquainted with your values and strengths. Refine your vision for your best life.


Discover new possibilities, create new routines,
and plan solid action steps to introduce real
change into your life.


Establish personal, repeatable solutions to
confront challenges and harness your resources.
Stay focused and hopeful  in any situation.

What You’ll Get From Coaching

You’ll feel heard and understood. You’ll learn how to get “unstuck” and become skillful at tapping into your resources.
Most importantly, you’ll reconnect with your resolve and capacity to take action, with reliable support during each step of the journey.

Life Coaching

Life doesn’t have to be boring;  not when the roadmap you follow is self-directed and completely aligned with your creative potential and desire for fulfillment.

Start Your Journey

Career Coaching

Be more productive, more successful and lead a life that counts when your career aligns with your values, your personality and what you really like to do.

Discover How You Can Take Charge

Recovery Coaching

When you’re in early recovery, your challenges and stress levels might fluctuate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t steer toward your goals and commitments.

Learn How You Can Take Control

About Lorie

Lorie Obernauer, Ph.D., is in long-term recovery from addiction. She understands what it’s like to feel pulled in many directions, to disappoint loved ones, manage stress as a leader, and fight to live a good life even when facing difficult life challenges and setbacks.


Honesty and openness drive her work. Specialized training and credentials shape her process. But her experiences from the trenches—struggling with addiction—are why clients trust her to support their visions.


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Proven Experience

Lorie Obernauer has contributed her expertise in the recovery support space for 10 years,
building programs and serving communities that champion long-term addiction recovery.

LO Group Blog

Sharing tips and resources. Dispelling myths. Getting real about addiction.
Supporting your vision and helping you feel less alone during your journey.

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