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    Addiction Recovery Coaching for Men & Women
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    Life Coaching for Women Over 50
    So here you are, 50+ years old...
    and you're wondering what to do when you grow up.

    I coach women who are 50+ years old who are wondering "what's next"
    and are ready to explore possibilities, move out of their comfort zone
    and take some risks.

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Lorie Obernauer, PhD
Recovery Coach. Life Coach.

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Addiction Recovery Coaching for Women and Men

We all yearn to have a great life. But addiction and other life challenges can catch us by surprise and leave us feeling uncertain and unsure of what we want and how to get it. If you're wondering how to jumpstart the process for creating the life that you want, I can help.

I coach motivated women and men, 40+ years old, who...

  • are in early recovery and are eager to embrace what recovery offers
  • are in later stage recovery and want to branch out in new endeavors
  • have relapsed and are ready to recommit to recovery

You can have a balanced, joyful, and satisfying life in recovery. Your life can be better than you ever imagined.

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Life Coaching for Women Over 50

You are smart, competent, resourceful and have always "handled it all". You look around and nothing is wrong... but, you still feel that things aren't quite right.

  • Your family and other personal relationships are changing.
  • The world is moving faster just when you'd like to slow down.
  • You're itching to tackle some new activities but can't get started.
  • Your joints and muscles are "talking to you more".
  • You're wondering how you will leave your legacy.

I coach 50+ year-old women who are wondering "what's next" and are ready to explore possibilities, move out of their comfort zone and have some adventures.

If you're eager to redefine or reinvent yourself, let me help you get focused and started on your new path.

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lo drug counseling

Recovery Management Consulting

Consultation services for addiction treatment organizations focuses on the design, development, and implementation of robust recovery support and alumni services programs. I work with your team to:

  • Assess your interests and needs for recovery programming
  • Create plans, systems and processes for implementation
  • Develop follow-up and accountability measures

Not only can these programs provide critical recovery support for clients after treatment, but can also build a strong foundation for referrals from loyal alumni and families and financial support for special projects.

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Client Testimonials

Lorie helped me feel proactive and responsible for myself. I was able to remember "me" and what I want. She helped me identify my priorities, which had gotten lost and forgotten in the life maze of others. She helps you by asking the right questions at the right time! I also respect her ability to tell it like it is, when you need to hear it. She helps you find the clarity. She supported me in the truest sense of what you would want your coach to be! I highly recommend her.
Joan S.
It is amazing how the momentum from one coaching session triggered me to accomplish so much so quickly. Lorie helped me focus on the steps necessary to make a return to Graduate School successful. Our work together, and it is work, has been beneficial in navigating college life, planning my dissertation proposal and selecting my committee. Lorie has provided me with a forum where I can share my accomplishments and vent my frustrations without letting either emotion get the better of me. Her coaching supports me as I ride the ebb and flow of school while balancing my professional career and my family. Perhaps most important, Lorie never lets me lose sight of the importance of being happy with what I am doing and where I am.
Jeff L.