Recovery Coaching

Your Intentions. Your Choices. Your Outcomes.

So you’re in recovery. Now what?

Whether you chose to initiate recovery, or were forced to deal with your addiction, now you need to figure out what’s next.

How do you translate everything you’ve been learning about addiction to your real life—the life that asks you to be productive at work, financially support yourself and your loved ones, participate in family activities, be physically fit, have time for friends, and manage the challenges of daily life?

Recovery doesn’t have to be boring;  not when the roadmap you follow is self-directed and completely aligned with your creative potential and desire for fulfillment.

“Without Lorie’s help I don’t think I would see any light at the end of the tunnel from hell. When we started working together, I felt like none of my hard work was being appreciated by my family and that I would never be independent. Now I have a much more structured and peaceful recovery.” – Retired Partner, CPA Firm

There was no direction at all in my life. I didn’t know what my personal and professional life looked like without alcohol. Now I have the perspective and ability to be critical/accommodating to my paradigm. There is a certain lightness to life that I never felt before, that is a great gift.” –  Real Estate Agent


Lorie will teach you battle-tested tips and strategies for creating your personal recovery plan in a manner that integrates seamlessly with the demands of your life. 

Engage in a realistic assessment of your current situation and needs with a focus on your priorities.

Create realistic goals and routines and plan achievable next steps so that recovery works for you….while you work for your recovery.

Lorie will encourage you to do what you say you’ll do. She’ll be your mentor, motivator, resource broker, advocate, and cheerleader as you take action and move forward.

Recovery Coaching can easily be integrated with Life and Career Coaching activities. Workable, time-tested processes and procedures can be presented in one-to one sessions or in group settings.

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Or: Learn about group coaching and how it can benefit your clients and your organization.

LO Group Inc. supports the visions of individuals and organizations whose mission is to create profound, healthy, and sustaining solutions for embracing life in recovery.

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