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Those of us who work in the addiction field know that the hard work for clients begins after they complete the treatment episode. Remembering and effectively using all of the knowledge and skills presented during treatment is not easy in the real world.

Coaching is a strategy that helps your clients take what they’ve learned, practice it, and apply it to everyday life.  As an “added value” to your continuum of services, group coaching can help your clients get “real” and focused for life in recovery. They’ll learn to define their needs and desired outcomes for recovery, design strategies for successful living, and deliver on their goals and promises.

Lorie will come to your Center and share time-tested strategies that she’s been teaching individual clients. Group Coaching leverages evidence-based best practices in adult learning and positive psychology to support clients’ long-term recovery success.

Moreover, you can adapt LO Group coaching tools to monitor and report client outcomes to referents, families and healthcare payers.

Your clients will learn how to Define their needs and desired outcomes, Design strategies for building a successful life and recovery program, and Deliver on their promises and goals.

“Lorie is passionate about engaging people to be the most successful person they can be. I would strongly encourage anyone to retain Lorie in all aspects of life and recovery coaching. I have seen substantial and measurable success with client/patient engagement in treatment, alumni connection post-treatment and referral growth by alumni impacted by her coaching techniques.”

— Gina de Peralta Thorne, Director of Business Development, Harmony Foundation Inc.


  • “Creating a Personal Vision Statement”
  • “Leading a Values-directed Life”
  • “Finding your Best Career Match”
  • “Creating Joy in Your Job”
  • “Winning the Procrastination Game”
  • “Letting go of limiting Beliefs and Patterns”

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